Renovation on Hinewa Road

We’ve taken the old dated 1960’s house (which had been added onto/altered multiple times) and brought it into the 21st century. The original house sat high on the Hinewa Road ridge with expansive views of the Tauranga Harbour all the way from Sulphur point around to the Kaimai Ranges past Katikati.

Unfortunately the views were interrupted by a badly positioned internal staircase and multiple internal walls. In the end we demolished 99 % of the first story back to foundation level and started again. This approach meant the client got exactly what they wanted but we didn’t have to do further geotechnical testing or spend thousands upgrading the existing stormwater system.  I think the photos speak for themselves!

Special mention has to be made to the team of highly skilled tradesmen at Sarich Design and Build who worked tirelessly to get the great result. The clients also were very hands on and a pleasure to work for.