So you’ve spent years fantasizing about transforming an underutilised space in your home into your dream studio, sunroom, or office space, but haven’t had the time, money or expertise to make it work.

Maybe a change in lifestyle has meant that you are able to now, but aren’t sure where to start? You might be reading this thinking, ‘why would I bother working with an architectural designer?’.

At Chris Brown Design, we are a small, knowledgeable and highly experienced team and have worked on a huge variety of projects ranging in size and complexity.

Together, we work through what your objectives are, how much you are able to spend and consider your luxury features.

We can provide professionally designed 3-D renders of your space that will translate your ideas from something in your head to something on paper, providing an opportunity to assess your plan more critically.

By having a reference to work from, adjustments can be made to achieve your specific look and feel; maybe the pitch of the ceiling isn’t right, or the placement of the window needs to be higher to extend the reach of daylight.

The point is, your first attempt almost never gets it right, engage a professional to work with you and save yourself a lot of time, money and the potential regret of not nailing your vision after years of thinking about it.

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