Building Boom in the Bay has Chris Brown Design preparing for a big 2021!

This time last year, the future of business, Architecture, and beyond looked grim. Covid-19 meant that business as usual was out of the question. With our worst fears forecasted, the threat of a looming depression, and Winter full steam ahead, it looked like everything was heading downhill. Still, thanks to a shorter than anticipated lockdown, things are looking bright for New Zealand Post-Pandemic, especially in the sunny Bay of Plenty!

So why the Boom in business?

The Bay of Plenty is the fastest-growing region in New Zealand. 

But what has that got to do with Architecture? People moving here want to make their new home their own, and rightfully so. Over the last two years, Stats NZ has shown that the Bay of Plenty population growth has risen by a whopping 5.1%! 

Our region encompasses everything good about New Zealand.  Tauranga and nearby Mt Maunganui have always been viewed as two of New Zealand’s most popular holiday destinations, especially for Aucklanders. Following Post COVID-19 lockdown in NZ geographical mobility has sky-rocketed. After successfully working from home over lockdown, people have realised that they can enjoy the Bay’s beauty all year round, rather than just over the summer break. With breath-taking beaches, fantastic nightlife, and close proximity to places like Taupo, Rotorua, and the Coromandel, the Bay of Plenty is New Zealand’s new hot spot to be.

People are using expendable income to invest in their home and prepare for the future.

While architects and designers worldwide are set on adapting Emergency Architecture faculties and Crisis Architecture, New Zealanders are looking to improve their intimate spaces. Travel expenses are no longer being factored into people’s budget plans, and Post- lockdown people are spending more time than ever at home. So, it seems only right that our thoughts have turned to home improvement. After lockdown, people have come to realise how integral an aesthetic home is to our wellbeing. Even though Kiwis have managed to fight the virus with flying colours, it’s only natural for us to look toward the future and prepare for the possibility of another lockdown. 

In comparison to our neighbour’s in Melbourne 112 day lockdown, we got off lightly.

Because Architecture and building services aren’t considered essential, people want to invest in their homes now. (In case a another sudden lockdown occurs). Despite the ‘worst-case-scenario’ mentality, an improved home is never a bad investment. So regardless of the future, architectural improvement is always a win. 

As Architectural designers, we are very conscious and thoughtful about making people’s lives better in the spaces they have. There is a large emphasis on natural light, balconies, ventilation and terraces are becoming a necessity for many, rather than a luxury. 

As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is”, and coronavirus has reminded us of the importance of investing in our homes. With 2020 in the past, we are looking ahead to a bright and busy year filled with making your dream homes a reality.